Welcome to the Union Catalogue of Incunabula Database

This database appears in conjunction with the print edition of the ‘Union Catalogue of Incunabula’ (GW) which lists all 15th century prints in alphabetical order. The print edition of the catalogue has been published since 1925 by the Hiersemann publishing house. There are currently eleven volumes, detailing all incunabula from ‘Abbey of the Holy Ghost’ to ‘Hord, Jobst.’

The database contains all incunabula editions recorded in the manuscript of the Union Catalogue of Incunabula and in the printed editions. Each listing varies in detail, as explained below:

  Editions recorded in the printed version of the catalogue listed by title with further supplementary information. In addition, the database records numerous editions the existence of which was not known when individual volumes of the print edition were going to press. These are categorised with the letter ‘N’ for ‘Nachträge’, or ‘addenda’.
  Editions recorded in the manuscript that have not yet appeared in print (letters I–Z), supplemented by digitised hand written descriptions from the Union Catalogue manuscript.

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