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Printers (Offices)


The printer index records printers that appear in the database and publishers, corresponding to GW’s name authority headings. For the printed version of the GW it also contains alternative references which came to light after printing.
No distinction is made between definite and questionable pieces of information. Each alternative is treated equally. If the database entry reads Süddeutschland (Konstanz?) , the index includes both Süddeutschland   and Konstanz. If the database entry reads Venedig oder Padua , the index includes both Venedig  and Padua.

Processing Status

For non-printed sections ‘Historia septem sapientum romae’ to ‘Zwickau’, the printer details should be viewed as provisional. New findings are continually incorporated.

Sorting and Grouping

The index is sorted alphabetically; texts are transcribed according to the ‘Prussian Instructions’ for this purpose.
The entries are grouped by printing locations or regions.
Sorting of Printing Locations and Regions:
  • Sort criterion: wording of place name
Sorting of Printer Names:
  • First sort criterion: bold type entry word
  • Other sort criteria: spaced entry words

Where Do Hyperlinks Lead to?

The hyperlinks lead to descriptions.

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