08625 Le Doctrinal de sapience. Engl. von William Caxton. Westminster: William Caxton, [nach 7.V.1489]. 
92 Bl. A–I⁸KL¹⁰. 33 Z. Typ. 5:113G. Init. a, b. Rubr. α. 2 Hlzs. DrM I.
Bl. 1a m. Sign. Aj (T³)his that is writen in this lytyl boke ought the preſtres  to lerne aud teche to theyr paryſſhēs: And alſo it is ne-ceſſary for ſymple preſtes that vnderſtōde not the ſcriptures. And it is made foꝛ ſymple peple and put in to engliſſh  … Bl. 1b Z. 8. (T²)his preſent boke in frenſhe is of right grete prouffyt and  edificacion … Sign. b weꝛkes of meꝛcy. and hath kepte all foꝛ his ſone. and by the  … Endet Bl. 92a Z. 5 … and  lyue in thys ſhort lyf that we may come to hys blyſſe for to lyue aud regne there wythout ende in ſecula ſeculorum Amen  ⁌ Thus endeth the doctrinal of ſapyence the whyche is ryght  vtile and prouffytable to alle cꝛyſten men / whyche is tranſlated  out of Frenſhe in to englyſſhe by wyllyam Caxton at weſtmeſtter fynyſſhed the .vij. day of may the yere of our lord / M / cccclxxx ix  Caxton me fieri fecit  Bl. 92b DrM
Anm. Auf Bl. 66b Z. 27 befindet sich an Stelle von Kapitel 64 folgende Notiz: ⁌ Of the neclygences of the maſſe and of the remedyes I paſſe ouer for it apperteyneth to pꝛeſtes & not to laie men. C.lxiiij. 
Das Ex. Windsor RL enthält am Schluss noch eine Lage zu 4 Bl. (Bl. 4 fehlt), auf der dieses Kapitel nachgetragen ist: Bl. 1a ⁌ Of the necligences happyng in the maſſe. and of the reme-dyes Capitulo. lxiiijᵒ  (L³)Ike as we haue ſeyd that thys boke is made eſpecyally  for the symple peple. … Endet Bl. 3b or ellys drynke it hym ſelf / This chapitre to fore I durſt not ſette in the boke by cauſe it  is not conuenyent ne aparteynyng that euery laye man ſholde  knowe it Et cetera /  Bl. 4 leer?
HC 14017. Duff-Hellinga 127. De Ricci: Census of Caxtons 40. Ce³ D-302. Pr 9676. BMC XI 169. Bod-inc D-118. Oates 4106. ISTC id00302000.
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(2 Ex.). Oxford Bodl (2 Ex., 1. Ex. def., 2. Ex. def.). Princeton ScheideL. San Marino (Calif.) HuntingtonL
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