11845 Guillaume de Digulleville: Le pèlerinage de l’âme, engl. Westminster: William Caxton, 6.VI.1483. 
114 Bl. [a]a–n⁸o⁶. Gez. [1]Folio ij–Folio iiij[1] Folio ij°.–Folio Cx[2] [m. Fehlern]. 35–40 Z. Typ. 4:95G. Meist Min. f. Init. KolTit.
Bl. 1 leer. Bl. 2a m. Blz. Folio ij This book is intytled the pylgremage of the ſowle / translated  oute of Frenſſhe in to Englyſſhe / whiche book is ful of deuonte  maters touchyng the ſowle / and many queſtyons aſſoyled to cauſe a man to lyue the better in this woꝛld / And it conteyneth fyue  bookes / as it appereth herafter by Chapytres  The firſt booke  … Tab. endet Bl. 4a Z. 31 Explicit  Bl. 4b u. 5 leer. Bl. 6a m. Sign. aij u. Blz. Folio ij°. Here begynneth the book of the pylgremage of the ſowle  late tranſlated oute of Frenſſhe in to Englyſſhe  Fyrſte. how the ſowle departyth fro the body /  And how the ſowle fend aſſayleth the ſowle /  Capitulo primo  [⁶]S I lay in a ſeynt laurence nyght ſlepyng in  my bedde / … Sign. b No doute I mote my jugement abyde  … Endet Bl. 112b Z. 9 … and goodly correcten where that it nedeth oughte  to adden oꝛ with drawen  Here endeth the dreme of pylgremage of the ſoule tranſlatid  oute of Frenſſhe in to Englyſſhe with ſomwhat of addicions / the  yere of oure loꝛd / M.CCCC / ⁊ thyꝛten / and endeth in the Vigy-le of ſeynt Bartholomew  Empꝛynted at weſtmeſtre by William Caxton / And fynyſſhed  the ſixth day of Iuyn / the yere of our loꝛd / M.CCCC/lxxxiij  And the firſt yere of the regne of kynge Edward the fyfthe /  Bl. 113 u. 114 leer.
Vorlage: New York MorganL (Mikrofilm). Manchester RylandsL (Teilmikrofilm).
Anm. Zur Korrektur der bei Pollard–Redgrave² 6473 u. 6474 vermerkten verbundenen Bl. f3/6 vgl. Anm. zu Brit.Libr.Cat.
HC 8331. Duff-Hellinga 267. Pollard-Redgrave² 6473. 6474. De Ricci: Census of Caxtons 73. Ce³ G-640. Pr 9650. BMC XI 140. Bod-inc G-338. Brit.Libr.Cat. 259 S. 78.IB 55069. Oates 4085. Rhodes: Oxford 882. ISTC ig00640000.
Cambridge UL. London BL
(2 Ex., 2. Ex. Fragm. Bl. 5, def.), Lambeth, SionC. Manchester RylandsL
. New Haven UL (def.). New York MorganL. Oxford Bodl (Fragm.), JohnC.
Gesamtüberlieferung: 10 Exemplare/Fragmente in öffentlichen Einrichtungen.
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