13777 Jacobi, Johannes: Regimen contra pestilentiam, engl. [London: Wilhelmus de Machlinia, um 1485]. 
10 Bl. [a¹⁰]. 24 Z. Typ. 4:116G, 5:116G.
Bl. 1a Here begynneth a litil boke the whiche  traytied and reheꝛced many gode thinges  neceſſaries foꝛ the infirmite ⁊ grete ſeke-neſſe called Peſtilence the whiche often times enfecteth vs made by the moſt expeꝛt  Doctour in phiſike Biſſhop of Aruſiens  in the realme of Denmaꝛk ⁊  [³]T the reuerence ⁊ woꝛſchip of the bleſſed Trinite ⁊ of the glorious virgyn  ſaynt Maꝛye … Z. 13 … I the biſſhop of Aꝛuſiens in the royalme of denmaꝛk doctour of Phiſique wille  write by the mooſt expeꝛte and famous doc-tours auctoriſed … Endet Bl. 9b Z. 21 Theſe remedyes be ſufficient to eſchewe thys  gꝛete ſekeneſſe with the helpe of god To whom  be elaſtaſtyng laude ⁊ prayſing woꝛld withouten ende A M E N  Bl. 10 leer?
Vorlage: Faks.
Reproduktionen: Res.Publ. Unit 15. Res.Publ. Unit 93. Manchester RylandsL (Digitalisat).
Klebs 246.2. Klebs-Sudhoff 33. Pollard-Redgrave² 4589. Duff-Hellinga 72. ISTC ij00013200. GWMs M10488.
Manchester RylandsL
(Bl. 10 fehlt).
Gesamtüberlieferung: 1 Exemplar/Fragment in öffentlichen Einrichtungen.
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