Anm. “On the printer see E. Sandal in Mercurius in Trivio. Studi per Alfredo Serrai (Rome, 1993), pp. 197–201. The Verona copy, thought unique by Sandal, is bound with the minor poems of the Milan edition of Minutianus, about 1500 (IGI 10232), so as to form an uncommented whole. Sandal supposes a cooperative venture between Minutianus and Moretus to make available editions with and without commentary according to the reader’s taste. The same combination of the two parts in Lisboa BN (Mendes 1346 with 1349) makes this very probable” (ISTC).
Reproduktionen: Lisboa BN (Digitalisat).
IBPort 1865. IGI 10223. Mendes: Lisboa 1346. ISTC iv00165800.
Lisboa BN
. Verona BCiv.
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