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Index of the bibliographical sources and other literature cited in the database.

Processing Status

All sources are recorded. The index is constantly being updated. It replaces the printed ‘Abkürzungen für angeführte Quellen’ (‘abbreviations for cited sources’) in:
  • Vol. 1, p. XXIII–XXXI
  • Vol. 2, p. IX–XI
  • Vol. 3, p. XXXIII–XXXIV
  • Vol. 4, p. VII–VIII
  • Vol. 5, p. IX–X
  • Vol. 6, p. VII–VIII
  • Vol. 7, p. VII–VIII
  • Vol. 8, p. ✼14–✼38
  • Vol. 10, p. ✼7–✼12
Please note that use of the abbreviations in the database differs from that of the printed volumes 1–7. The database uses the abbreviations published in Vol. 8 onwards.

Sort Order

The index is sorted alphabetically; texts are transcribed according to the ‘Prussian Instructions’ for this purpose.
  • Sort criterion: GW abbreviation (the bold type first line in the bibliographical index)


The bibliographical index does not contain hyperlinks.

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