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The index lists all the copies recorded in the database. The index is structured and organised like the location mark index. Organisations whose copies have not yet been recorded are not included.

Peculiarities of the Notation

GW numbers represent copies in this index. Copies or surrogates that have been seen by a member of the editorial staff are prefixed with an heavy asterisk . Location references derived from literature or other sources which remain unconfirmed before going to print are marked as follows: copies that have undoubtedly been destroyed are marked with an obelus (); copies the whereabouts of which are unknown today are indicated by ‘ehem.’ (formerly); copies the existence of which is denied by the respective collection without any clarification of the cause of the discrepancy are followed by a question mark; a location reference is given in square brackets if the respective library could not be contacted and the information remains unconfirmed.

Processing Status

The database contains some 15–20 percent of known copies. Not all details have been verified. The database which aims to record verified details of all preserved copies is the ISTC (The Incunabula Short-Title Catalogue) at the British Library. You can access the ISTC via a hyperlink under ‘Addresses/Contact’ on the GW homepage.
The following records are complete:
  • all copies included in Volumes VIII–X
  • all copies known to the GW editorial office for volumes in preparation, even if they are no longer printed in the GW
  • the complete holdings of the following libraries
    • Altötting ZBKapuz
    • Annaberg-Buchholz K
    • Bautzen StB
    • Berlin DtHistM, GrauesKloster, HausArch, HausB, MärkM, NikolK, SB, StB, UB
    • Cottbus K
    • Dresden SArch
    • Eisleben K
    • Halberstadt GleimHs
    • Hall WaldauffStift
    • München SB
    • Offenbach BDtWetterdienst
    • Schulpforte Sch
    • Wittenberg Lutherhalle
    • Wolfenbüttel HerzogAugustB
    • Zerbst Gy

Sorting and Grouping

The index is sorted alphabetically; texts are transcribed according to the ‘Prussian Instructions’ for this purpose.
The information is grouped according to place names, under which the location marks are filed.
Sorting of Place Names:
  • Sort criterion: wording of the name
Sorting of GW Location Marks:
  • Sort criterion: wording of the location mark
Sorting of Hyperlinks:
  • Sort criterion: position of description in GW

Where Do Hyperlinks Lead to?

Most links lead to descriptions:
Dom — Domstift Merseburg, Archiv und Bibliothek
Some links lead to the holdings index itself:
From the owner to the depositor:
From the past to the present owner:
[Franzisk] — [Ferenczrendi zárda Könyvtár] in: Budapest BN

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