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Compile Bibliographies

Though it is possible to use the search engine Advanced Search to compile bibliographies from current database content, there is a special search engine for this purpose. It uses a special index and is faster than an advanced search.
Apologies, but there is no English version of the search engine available yet.

The Search Mask

Suche Konkordanzen in   
zu Nummer 
zu GWID 

How to Compile a Bibliography

Firstly, choose a bibliography from the listbox , ‘Select please’!
Caveat: In some cases related bibliographies build a group with a common name. For instance, C  is built from C  proper, C I , C II , CR , CR I  and CR II . And H  proper, HC , HCR  and HR  form H .
The row count of the table is displayed at the right of the listbox.
Secondly, click on the button to see the table. In the case of a larger table you will have to wait for some seconds until it is displayed. You may be better off restricting the amount displayed by typing a number into the search fields zu Nummer  or zu GWID .
Example: The bibliography H  contains almost 17,000 entries. If you type 4304  in the search field zu Nummer , and click on the button , you will get a table with Hain numbers, which contain the string 4304 . To display this table, click on the button: !
Restriction by GW numbers works differently — sorry, bad planning. If you type a GW number in the search field zu GWID , and click on the button , you will get only the entry matching the search string exactly. For instance, if you want to look up the Hain number corresponding to GW number 200 , you have to type 00200 . The Hain number is displayed to the right of the search field.

Structure of the Bibliographic Tables

A bibliographic table is displayed directly below the search mask. Within groups of closely related bibliographies — BMC , Bohatta: Horae , Brit.Libr.Cat , C  and H  — bibliographies follow one another in a common table. For instance, the bibliographies C , C I , C II , CR , CR I  und CR II  form only one table.

GW Numbers Are Hyperlinks

The GW numbers in the tables are hyperlinks to descriptions.

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