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Search for Second Quires

Though it is possible to use the search engine Advanced Search to search for second quires, there is a special search engine for this purpose. It uses a special index and is faster than an advanced search. However, it is not as versatile: data types and search criteria are linked solely by the operator enthält , ‘contains’.
Apologies, but there is no English version of the search engine available yet.

The Search Mask

Suche Beschreibungen, deren Lage B den Text
Treffer pro Seite
Type your search criterion into the search field on the left!
The listbox Treffer pro Seite (‘hits per page’) enables you to determine the length of result pages. For more detailed information, go to Search Basics!

Special Characters

For information on the input of special characters, go to  Special Characters.

List of Search Results

Results are given as lists of descriptions. For more information on the details listed, go to  Search Results.

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