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Search Results

Search Results Are Displayed in Two Ways

Lists of Descriptions (Represented by Their Bibliographical Notes)

1 Sp.209a Agenda in catholicis ecclesiis observanda. Köln: Hermann Bungart, [nach 1500]. 4°.
C 132. VK 24.
00562 Albertanus Causidicus Brixiensis: De arte loquendi et tacendi. Köln: Hermann Bungart, [um 1496]. 4°
H 396a. C 150a. VK 36. Pell 256. Pr 1472. BMC I 301.IA 5107. Borm: IG 31. ISTC ia00208000.
There are two hyperlinks in each entry: one on the GW number, the other on the author or short title. A click on the GW number displays the description as full-text. A click on the author or short title displays the work catalogue, to which the description is assigned to, as full-text.


Palillogia M51720, M51722, M51723
Palinurus etc M19072
Palma virtutum, ital M29149, M29151
Palpanista 04079
An index entry is a text followed by a list of hyperlinks. As a rule, these lead to descriptions. In some cases, they lead to work catalogues, groups of work or titles. To learn more, go to: Indexes.

Hit Count and Total Number of Pages

The hit count, the number of the current page and the total number of pages are displayed directly above the first entry of each page; e.g.
6494 Treffer,  Seite 1 von  650

Hits Per Page

The default value of the hits per page is 10. With the listbox
Treffer pro Seite
 you can change the count to values between 1 and ‘alle’. To print all search results, ‘alle’ is the best choice. However, you may have to wait a considerable amount of time for, say 10,000 hits, to be displayed.

Navigation in the Hitlist

First, Pevious, Next, Last Page

There are four symbols
  | |
  above the first and below the last entry on a page. They represent the commands: Show the first, previous, next, last page!

Alphabet with Indexes

In the case of indexes only, you can use the alphabet at the top of each page as a navigation tool :
A click on a letter displays the page with the first entry beginning with that letter. The page need not start with that entry.

Navigation on the Page

If a page does not fit into the screen, you can move it as described in: Overview.

Finding Text on the Page

To learn how to find text passages on a page go to: Overview.

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