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Index of Second Quires


The index contains textual quotes from the first lines of the second quires.

Processing Status

The index contains around 46 percent of second quires. Up to now, it has recorded
  • the sections of the alphabet from ‘A’ to ‘H’, as far as the sections have already been published or are being processed
  • a few descriptions from other sections, where textual descriptions have been recorded.


The index is sorted alphabetically; texts are transcribed according to the ‘Prussian Instructions’ for this purpose. Initials that are not printed are also included, e.g. [³]Prez que la royne eut oy le roy qui
  • Sort criterion: wording of the quote

Where Do Hyperlinks Lead to?

Usually to a description:
Ad laudes verſus || mf269
Sometimes to a volume within a description:
ad miracōe magna  voce io cū || 12345 P. 4

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