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Index of the incipits of all autonomous scripts (≡ titles). In the GW, the bibliographical note lists up to three works. If an edition contains more than three works, then their titles and incipits are summarised in a table of contents.

Processing Status

Up to now, few incipits have been included in the database. The index includes the incipits of some descriptions of the work catalogue ‘Hieronymus’ and few others. The systematic logging of incipits from the content descriptions will take place in the near future for the printed sections of the GW (letters ‘A’–‘H’).


The index is sorted alphabetically; texts are transcribed according to the ‘Prussian Instructions’ for this purpose.
  • Sort criterion: wording of the text after removal of all space characters

Where Do Hyperlinks Lead to?

Usually to a description:
Legi tuum … 10454
Sometimes to a volume:
A deo exivit … 10713 P. 4
Rarely to a work (entry word appears in the title or description of contents):
Saynt Jerome came of noble kinne … 12414 1b

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