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Short Titles


Index of short titles of all autonomous scripts (≡ titles). In the GW, the bibliographical note lists up to three works. If an edition contains more than three works, then their titles are summarised in a table of contents. This gives the short title of the work along with details of the author, originator and other involved persons and organisations, and if possible, the incipits.

Processing Status

The index lists the short titles of all works that appear in the database. At present, related titles referred to in bibliographical notes and content details are being systematically logged for the printed sections of the GW (‘A’–‘H’). This is about 78 percent of all known titles. Further processing can only occur as and when capacity allows. The index is being made available to you here because we believe it can already serve a useful purpose.


The index is sorted alphabetically; texts are transcribed according to the ‘Prussian Instructions’ for this purpose. Short titles usually appear in two locations in the index: in the first instance filed under the highlighted sort criteria, in the second according to wording.
  • First sort criterion: bold type entry word from the short title
  • Other sort criteria: spaced entry word from the short title

Where Do Hyperlinks Lead to?

Usually to a description:
Carmen aureum M36706
Sometimes to a volume:
The description of England. 1498 06675 P. 2
Rarely to a work (entry word appears in the title or description of contents):
Epistolae ad Hieronem 09367 P. 2 91b

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